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Scio Logica ®
Technology & Device Solutions

Modern device and technology implementation to allow for streamlined enterprise workflows.

Sustainable Infrastructure 
& Technology

As business activities expand into the digital realm, the need for large-scale implementation of sustainable technology is a growing component of the modern workplace.

Seamless Workflow Solutions

Through the combination of certified technicians and advisors, we can offer you a seamless transition via device and infrastructure deployment and technology refreshes.

Technology & Device Services

IT Infrastructure
& Device Implementation

  • Endpoint devices (desktops, laptops, mobile, etc.)

  • IT infrastructure (servers, NAS, backup systems)

  • Network infrastructure (LAN, WAN, firewall)

Device &
Technology Deployment

  • Configuration and installation of devices

  • Tracking and tagging of infrastructure

  • Device management and monitoring

IT Field

  • Onsite IT support and maintenance

  • Online help desk and ticketing system

  • Device repair and installation

Computer Repair

Technology Services

By maintaining your technology and devices through their lifecycles, we can help your business with implementation, refreshments, migration, maintenance, and recycling of your technology ecosystems.

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