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Scio Logica ®
Managed IT Solutions

Solutions that provide a more cost effective way to maintain and process technological and enterprise operations.

Off-Load Your IT Operations

By working with Scio Logica, we can provide you in-house managed IT solutions without the high operational costs. Our system is designed to provide you a secure and stable IT environment to help your business grow.

Streamline Tasks and Processes

  • Day-to-day management and operation of all things related to IT

  • Security monitoring and management of cloud, data, and server environments

  • Improved operational cost control and enhanced risk management

  • Future-proofing IT services and infrastructure

Managed IT Services

Server & 
Storage Management

  • Disaster back-up and recovery 

  • Data migration, compression, and storage virtualization

  • Encrypted off-site server repositories and management

Software & 
Patch Management

  • System software upgrades and enhancements

  • Vulnerability detection and patch reports

  • Prioritization and deployment of critical patches


  • Network configuration and patching

  • Infrastructure management (LAN, WLAN, WAN)

  • Endpoint deployment (access points, switches, servers, firewalls)

Security Management
& Cybersecurity

  • End-point security and virus detection

  • User authentication and password management

  • Data containment and recovery options

IT Infrastructure
Planning & Assessments

  • Current and future state analysis 

  • IT strategy and implementation plans

  • Due diligence reporting and documentation

End-User Support
& Troubleshooting

  • Proactive incident and problem management

  • On-call and remote access support

  • Online ticketing system and onsite/offsite assistance

Programmer in Office

Customer Service

By providing managed IT services and in-house solutions, we can ensure that your business will receive the support it needs by enhancing risk management and improving operational expenditures.

By managing day-to-day IT operations, we hope to future-proof your operations and infrastructure.

Schedule a meeting with a Scio Logica advisor today.

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