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Scio Logica ®
Cloud Solutions

Fully comprehensive cloud-based

enterprise solutions.

The Digital Cloud

The Cloud is a virtual transformation of your workplace, where data and software is stored and kept accessible. From hosted web applications to scalable server and data storage solutions, our team can provide you with a digital ecosystem to meet all your organizational requests, keeping your enterprise safe and secure at all times.

Addressing Enterprise Obstacles

  • Consistent cloud management following implementation

  • Seamless replacement of outdated infrastructure with cloud technology

  • Scalable and customizable cloud solutions specific to your business

Cloud Services & Solutions

Technology & 
Infrastructure Assessments

  • Existing infrastructure review

  • Training & implementation workshops

  • Business goal alignment and transition

Software License
Vetting & Roadmaps

  • Cloud Solutions Provider Licensing

  • Software Licensing Model Comparisons

  • Vendor Management Strategy Plan

Cloud Management 
& Protection Services

  • Service Request Management

  • Governance, Policy, and Compliance

  • Automation & Orchestration Services

Cost &
Capacity Evaluations

  • Cloud Readiness Assessments

  • Adoption Readiness Proposals

  • Design & Transition Analysis

Activation & 
Implementation Solutions

  • Cloud Deployment & Optimization

  • Cloud Ecosystems (Public/Private/Hybrid)

Security Services

  • IAM & Endpoint Security

  • Performance & Network Monitoring

  • Continuous Configuration Automation


Cloud Evolution

As cloud-based enterprise practices become more apparent in the modern age, the need to address technological adversities will grow.

Working alongside our team, we will provide you with expert guidance to help your business understand, plan, and implement tailored cloud solutions and end-to-end management of your ecosystems.

Schedule a meeting with a Scio Logica advisor today.

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