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About Us

An overview of who we are

and what we do.

Our Mission

We help Atlantic Canada businesses and industry leaders with their IT and technology needs. By closing the gap between trending technologies and enterprise-wide applications, our clients can further develop and modernize their capabilities in a sustainable manner.


Who We Are

Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Scio Logica is a Canadian-based IT service company that strives to develop cutting-edge solutions and push industries to their fullest potential. Our vision is to help local companies remain competitive in this global age of cyber information and innovation. By helping you take control of your data, we can develop cost-effective, reliable, and secure IT solutions that will address all your business needs. 

From agile data management infrastructure and automated task platforms to cloud security and risk assessment services, we take charge of your technological initiatives, delivering an enterprise-level, worry-free solution for your organization. 

What We Do

We firmly believe that sustained innovation and modernization are critical for enterprise-wide capabilities and growth. Scio Logica offers more than just technical expertise. We are strategic advisors who take a big-picture approach to your organization.

We thoroughly analyze your challenges and help you overcome them with a comprehensive, cost-effective solution in a timely manner. By considering the people, processes, and technology when developing your roadmap, Scio Logica can help you:

  • Build a smarter and more reliable data infrastructure

  • Enhance your technology’s security and protection

  • Develop fast, agile, and efficient business applications

  • Optimize delivery of enterprise-wide operations

  • Ensure business-critical data integrity and safety

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