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Scio Logica ®

Comprehensive and in-depth solutions

to transform your digital ecosystem.

Supporting your digital transformation
every step of the way.

Delivering comprehensive implementation and delivery with 24/7 support, Scio Logica prides itself in the services and solutions we offer our customers. By providing a full range of end-to-end IT services, we help our clients at every point of their digital transformation.

Cloud Solutions

Complete cloud-based services for enterprise functions.

Key Services

  • Technology & Infrastructure Assessments

  • Cost & Capacity Evaluations

  • Software License Vetting & Roadmaps

  • Activation & Implementation Solutions

  • Cloud Management & Protection Services

  • Data Security Services

IT Strategy & Transformation

Strategic expertise for specific and scalable IT modernization.

Key Services

  • Enterprise Consultation Services

  • Strategy Roadmap Design & Layout

  • IT Project Management

  • Transformational Management

  • Security & Cybersecurity

  • Business Intel (BI) & Regulatory Compliance

System Integration & Implementation

Enterprise-wide application software development and implementation.

Key Services

  • End-to-End System Development

  • Off-the-Shelf & SaaS Implementation

  • DevOps Integration & Management

IT Technology Sourcing

Hardware and IT Infrastructure procurement for enterprise uses.

Key Services

  • Account Management & Procurement Support

  • Full Lifecycle Management Services

  • Order Management & Processing

Technology & Device Solutions

Enterprise technology & device implementation and IT management.

Key Services

  • IT Infrastructure & Device Implementation

  • Device & Technology Deployment

  • IT Field Support Services

Managed IT Solutions

Hosted IT services and in-house technology management support.

Key Services

  • Server & Storage Management

  • Security Management & Cybersecurity

  • Software & Patch Management

  • IT Infrastructure Planning & Assessment

  • Network Management

  • End-User Support & Troubleshooting

Defense & Security Solutions

Threat management & persistent security monitoring services.

Key Services

  • Security Information & Event Management

  • Identity & Access Management (IAM)

  • Endpoint Security

  • Data Encryption & Security

  • Web Security & Email Protection

  • Perimeter Network Security


We Integrate With
Your Ecosystem

We know that business needs develop over time. We ensure that you will be fully supported every step of the way with insightful advice and modern technology, tailoring specifically to your organization as its needs change and evolve.

Schedule a meeting with a Scio Logica advisor today.

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